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We have an exciting chance for new customers to win $150 in energy credits by picking a champion*...

No hassles.
No termination fees.
Just reliability and savings.

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It’s true, you can pick the team you think will win its Championship, and if you pick correctly, you will win $150 (energy credits) in free electricity... and even if you strike out, we'll still give you $25 credit!


When you become a Star customer... you can win $150 (or $25 for sure) in energy credits over and over... when one contest closes, another begins (we will reach out to you).

This is where the FUN really begins! When you enroll as a Super Star Sports Promo Customer of Star Energy, you are signing up for a proven product that our customers really love. In fact, since 2016 we have signed up and served well over 200,000 customers*... and now we are adding a NEW feature: The Pick A Winner Contest that allows Star customers to get $150 bill credit if their championship pick wins! The Pick a Winner Contest that allows Star Customers to get a $150 bill credit if their championship pick wins! Also... you can win MORE THAN ONCE in any year. Now, THAT is awesome.

$150 bill credit!

We love sports here at Star and we think this will be a big hit with our customers. Who doesn't love winning bill credit anyway? Oh... and if you miss it, you still get a $25 bill credit and get to pick again for a future championship. Again... the core product is a beauty. Remember, if you miss it, you still get a $25 bill credit and get to pick again for a future championship in any of the applicable sports available! Whether you win $150 or $25, you pick again and have multiple chances per year to WIN! Awesome.


  1. Make your Contest Pick by submitting the form above with the applicable information and your team of choice.
  2. Our electricity deal is great and lots of people have found it a winner even without the Pick A Winner Contest. We have a 6 month fixed price (and we aren't going to trick you with teaser pricing then jack up your bill later), all renewable energy, and NO FEE for leaving us at ANY TIME. How about that? We believe you'll stay because you are happy, not because you are trapped with contract break fees.
  3. Once you enroll on-line and your Pick A Winner submission will become official... you will then be getting the full flexibility as a Star customer... plus an opportunity to save even more if your team takes it all... and we'll reach out to you so you can play multiple times per year!
  4. No cost, no obligation... just a fun chance to pick and win. What is in it for Star Energy? Simple... we want more eyeballs on our awesome service and electricity product, and since we are sports fans too, we could not think of a better way to do it!
  5. When you pick correctly, you get $150 in energy credits off your bill... and if your team does not win the championship.... we will still credit you $25 in energy credits! And... win or lose, the fun continues...you get a pick for the next championship and the challenge begins again!
  6. If you have any questions... you can always call our friendly Star Sports Customer Service Center at 833-468-3263.
  7. Get In The Game Now!

* Restricted to legal residents minimum 18 years of age in OH and PA. Other restrictions apply. See official rules for further details